Terms and conditions

1. In this agreement

(a) the Customer is the person, agency or other organisation who pays for the service.

(b) ICSimages is a trading name of Imre Csokonyi photographer. Address: 19 St. Dunstans Road, Feltham, TW13 4JY


(a) the entire copyright in the pictures is retained by ICSimages

(b) deposit and cancellation: a £50 non-refundable deposit (will be deducted from the session fee on the day) is payable by the Customer for booking. Customer can rearrange their session at least 2 working days prior in which case the deposit can be transferred to the rearranged date. If Customer needs to rearrange their session within two working days or the session needs to be cancelled at any time by the Customer, the deposit will be lost. The deposit will be fully refunded if ICSimages has to rearrange or cancel the session

(c) the rest of the fee is payable on the session by cash or bank transfer

(d) ICSimages will send a contact sheet with all the pictures to the Customer within 24 hours after the session by e-mail

(e) ICSimages may not give out non-retouched pictures in high resolution

(f) ICSimages supplies all retouched high resolution images to the Customer within five working days

(g) by paying the session - and retouching fee, Customer buys the right to use the picture(s) for given purposes as stated below


(a) Customer is allowed to use the picture(s)for self-promotion by print

(b) Customer is allowed to use the picture(s) in their own personal or professional website and on their social media profile like Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter etc.

(c) Customer is not allowed to make any additional editing on the picture(s) or have any third party to edit them

(d) Customer is not allowed to use the picture(s) for paid-for advertising or sell them for any purpose


(a) ICSimages operates a full Customer satisfaction policy. In any case the Customer is not satisfied with the picture(s) for any reason ICSimages refunds the full session fee

(b) by getting a full refund Customer loses all rights over any usage of the picture(s)